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Digital Nomads,

is a psychill project & was created out of the necessity to collaborate with other musical artists after experiencing the producer/muscian community on the

V/A compilation, Forever Shpongled, album released 2021 Sep on chill space.

Ari Z Satlin aka Zman8

is a music producer living in New York City, releasing electronic music after being heavily influenced by the

Ozric Tentacles and the UK techno scene from 1990 to 1995. Ari grew up in the West Greenwich Village NYC and in 1990 when he was 20 years old he moved to the UK for 5 yrs just at the right time when the acid house electronica scene was ripe and blooming with free raves & sound systems & DJ’s setting up guerilla style in the fields of England.

Ozric tentacles coming out on Erpland,

The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld,/ KLF with a healthy dose of dub roots reggae and acidjazz.

Recently Ari called a few friends Vissudda aka Dudley Burrell drummer/composer/producer/keyboardist extrordinaire/ UK🇬🇧; an old bandmate of Z together had co-formed an underground cult following for their Band Spangle Head UK🇬🇧 90-95 who at their pinnacle were flown by the Prince’s Trust in Aug of 1994 to play at the Woodstock Festival reunion at Bethel NY on Yasgur‘s farm for the 25th anniversary of the original Woodstock 69 with their friends Maff & Ned of THE EGG🥚

His new spiritual brother Eduardo Arenas aka V Lam Beat started his electronic music journey back in 1998, a key piece of the evolution of the Mexican electronic music scene, sharing the stage along with artists like Total Eclipse, Koxbox, Infected Mushroom, Shakta, Medicine Drum, and many more. He is the legendary producer of Return to the Source Mexico Festival in the year 2000 and the Earthdance Festival in 2001. In 2016 he started his own music Label FrequenSeed Music

Paul Hamilton aka

East Coast Electronics

ECE (East Coast Electronics) started DJing when acid house hit the scene in '88 in the UK including stints at a pirate radio station. In the mid 90's ECE moved to the Spanish Mediterranean coast and DJing took a back seat to music production with those influences of original house along with funk, reggae and assorted eclectic styles ECE creates genre bending electronic sounds.

Most recently The 4 Producer/Musicians/ DJ put their tracks together for their debut album Walkabout (The First Gathering)


& released 2 mixes on chill space & 1 for Radio Ozora

This was just the beginning, as the four of

them are preparing to finally merge as one unit with interacting collaboration & will be emerging with a new intertwined blending of all of their musical & spiritual progress together with strength in unity and progress in community. See you all on the dub side of the moon 🌘

Digital Nomads debut album Walkabout (the first gathering) exclusive studio mix featuring two special guests; Gabriel Le Mar & THE EGG🥚 on Radio Ozora