I didn’t find magic-magic found me, up in Ossining NY, I was 4 yrs old but my memories seem very coherent, it was 1973.

True Story:

My mother was dating a young guitarist guy named Austin; I was young, four years old we were living in this big house in Ossining N.Y. with a bunch of seismic sensitive individuals, All being studied by Andre Puharich including my mother. Andre was a Turkish scientist who worked for the CIA & with Uri Gellar at one point. So Austin comes home one night With a typical TOPHAT I don’t know if they’re called that but it was the cliché magicians hat 🎩one of those.

Me and the other four-year-old girl who lived in the house as well, Kira obviously my go to hangout friend because we were the only 2 four year-olds in the house. So Austin Comes sauntering into the living room announces to Kira & I,he has a magic hat and shows us his hat the black hat a magic hat 🎩 So we asked him ‘what does it do’?

He said if you think about something & you concentrate on it you can make things appear in the hat. So obviously Kira & I said ok let’s try 1. So Austin said OK & He said we have to sit down on the couch the three of us hold hands and when we all close our eyes at the same time we have to think and concentrate what we want to appear in the hat. So we had to decide what to make appear & of course cliche Kira & I said a Rabbit & we all agreed on a Rabbit 🐇OK now we’re sitting down- We all take each other’s hand and it was known when Austin says OK let’s close our eyes that’s when you’re supposed to start thinking about a rabbit. Austin says OK let’s close our eyes , we closed our eyes, The first thing that happens to me with my eyes closed, I see clear as day on my eyelids a Frog 🐸jumping around on a lily pad on the top of water, Clear as day. Now maybe 60-90 seconds later- Austin says OK open ur eyes ; I open , look in the hat, there’s a little tiny toy frog it’s about 1 inch long sitting in the middle of the hat & I say as soon as my eyes closed all I saw was a frog 🐸,

Kira says the same thing happened to her and Austin says the same thing happened to him all frogs 🐸🐸🐸 and I recognize it right away it’s a tiny toy frog 1inch long of Kira’s that she leaves up on top of her dresser about three floors up the stairs of the house all the time and her & I recognize that right away & I grab the frog 🐸 and both of us run up the stairs to her room to the top of the dresser & put her tiny toy frog back where it usually is.

The next morning I tested the Hat again by myself, Because I woke up at Austins house on the couch cause my mother stayed there sometimes, I saw the magic hat 🎩 Sitting on the kitchen table, I picked it up,

I closed my eyes and concentrated & I saw a BIC lighter pass my eyelids like when u see trails - opened my eyes -walked a couple steps to Austin’s dresser & the BIC lighter had gone from the kitchen table bout 10-15 feet opposite side of the room laying inside his top drawer, on top of a shirt;

Absolutely amazing this Hat def was some type of portal. Years later decades later I asked Austin whatever happened to that magic hat 🎩he said it got stolen off of him in a bar.